What do I do when I'm so confused?

So I’ve been to psyc wards and shyt like that, I threatened suicide if I had to go back home after my last round in a psyc ward and now I no longer live at home, I live with a family friend and their family but what I want to ask is how do I deal with everyone being so hipocritical? (sorry I cant spell that word.) I have a problem with alcohol too, if I have it I’ll drink it and try to drown out my sorrow and pain, and people dont understand it, people dont understand that I may be bipolar and that I have problems, so how do I deal with all these people? they just dont understand me.

Answer #2

well I deal with a lot too. I used to smoke pot all the time to get rid of the edge mental problems always gave me. YAY for being all sorts of fuc ked off in the head. people suck. it happens and you just cant seem to kick them in the face to make yourself feel better. I like killing people online on my xbox 360 in a gam called Call of Duty 4. in other words I found some release to vent my woes out on to people where I cant get in trouble for shooting hundreds if not tens of thousands of people. poetry might hlp. drive your car (dont drive INTO stuff. you’ll wreck your car lol) umm just find something that you can use to vent how you are feeling at the time. and as for the people? well they can go get bent because they dont understand what it feels like to not be able to feel emotions and a “normal” basis. if you need to talk to someone (and no im not a psyche) talk to me. sometimes its nce to have someone listen or to have someonelike me come into your life and not shut up. ever. then you get so mad at me your not depressed anymore. OR you can do wierd crap in public and force your mind into a high. thats what I do and boy the looks I get from people as they try not to listen to me talk about STD’s LOUDLY in public is just funny.

Answer #3

go and check if you are bipolar and yes there is a test 4 that also it could just b you drikin but 4 real dont worrie bout what thay say and no 1s ever going to under stand you so stop worring bout that

Answer #4

what people are giving you the hard time? if you really mean anything to them then they should not judge with how you feel but help you learn to cope with your emotions. Or if it is just people that don’t really matter in your life like aquantances then just ignore them…who stinkin cares what they think…they are just trying to think about your problems more to make themselves forget about their own

Answer #5

People dont have to understand you… the amount of times I’ve had the intolerance from even my own best friend who doesnt get that it isnt possible to “snap out of it”. So they dont get it, you know that you’re not the way you are on purpose… Not that I’m advocating alcohol (because it really is not a good coping tool) but you know you’re not drinking because you’re bored or want to party, you’re simply trying to cope… Dont worry about what other people think… Focus on getting yourself better, and let go of their ignorance…

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