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Ok well im only 16 years old and I have a 6 and a half month old baby and I am not with his dad.. But the thin is .. Is that I had to open a case wuth the attorney general because I am getting help with ccms for child care and well also they are gonna have my babbyy dad pay child support but I am scared because their family is from mexico and you never know.. Im scared.. He also doesnt know how to care for a baby he doesnt know how to make a bottle, change a pamper. Even the simplist thing ever .. Carry him.. But my question is will the attorny general allow him to take the baby with him whenever he has visitation rights. Will they let my child go ny himself.. Please help im really scared...

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tell the attorney general your concerns and hell make it so that he'll only have supervised visits with whoever you choose to name. they will not just give him visitation if he is not in your baby's life.

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Ask your attorney and tell him your concerns so that he knows how you feel about the situation so he can help you create a case in your favor. That's what he's there for.

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