What do i do to unblock my computer.?

Ok so my perents put perental control on my computer because they think that they blocked it but really the only thing they did was you know block me from seeing my pictures and all that... so all I see is everything plain... But the thing is that I feel so trapped, I can't talk to anybody, no boys and also no girls, he sais that I cannot have friends and also that I will always be his...

How do I talk some sence into him and also how do I Unblock my compute???

Thanks =D

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well it is password protected,but if you know the password, then use it..try figuring something they wud use as a password..I know my moms passwords,and unblock it, but they dont care because they only put it up there for my bro lol

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First off - I'm sorry but I have trouble with incorrect grammar - you cannot spell. It's parents and parental. Then secondly, parental block is only to be unlocked by parents. It's pretty much password protected.

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