What do I do to fix this bump?

I have a bump on my vagina. Its really red and kinda swollen. It really hurts when touched. It kinda looks like there is puss in there, but it hurts to bad to try to pop it. I only have one, and I dont know what to do.

Answer #1

its happened to me before, and it goes away after like 1 week or maybe 2…and I havent ever had sex, so its not an STD

Answer #2

well if it was an STD, that would be crazy, I haven’t had sex since April., and I’ve neverr had this before.

Answer #3

dont worry its just a spot like what you get on your face it will go soon no worries :)

Answer #4

Ingrown hair maybe? That can cause sore red spots with puss coming out of it. Try and change your shaving techniques.

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