What do I do im in love with a guy from ohio, im from canada, help?

Okay, so I have an ipod touch and added the taproom.

But I met this amazinggg guy who’s from ohio, the same age as I am [being 16] and really gorgeus and kind.

I sortta figured out it was an actual 16 year old, because he’s sent me like 6 pictures of himself, and well..he likes me.

He asked me out, so I said yes.

Im officially grounded though until christmas and have no way to talk to him until thenn [I told him I was grounded] and I really wanna talk to him!

I meann…I miss him! ):

Don’t tell me im being stupid because its not gonna help me, but what do I do? I wanna meet him, or at least hear his voice. But he lives in ohio and I live in canada!

Does bell mobility offer unlimited long distance? If they do, tell me and I’ll get it! :(

Please help!

Answer #1

all I wanted to know was about the long distance plan with bell mobility…but thanks.

and I know its not what I want to hear. I respectfully asked people not to say it thoughh, thats the only reason I said thatt. I just wanted people to respect what I putt… ):

Answer #2

The only reason you say it is not helpful is because it is not what you wanted to hear. It is the truth but if you want to go through all the hardship of long distance relationship then go for it. This is ADVICE from someone that been through this experience before.

Answer #3

He does have a point, though, kerry565. You can call your cell phone company and ask, but I know a lot of them have certain blocks. I’d suggest not getting into a long-term relationship unless you’re able to see each other a lot. Talking on the phone/internet is going to eventually get old and one of you are going to get jealous (from what a lot of people say) and then it’s just going to blow.

Answer #4

I would not suggest this whole long distance relationship and I don’t know about phone services. I would call around if I was you. At 16 you will be waiting at least 2 years before you guys can actually b together. That is awhile and even then it will be really hard just starting out and it will be a lot different cause you will be so use to the phone and distance that the whole ‘being around you 24/7’ might be a little too stressful.

Answer #5

that wasn’t very helpful :/

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