What do I do if someone keeps attempting to hack my computer?

Its been about a year now. Someone or something keeps trying to get past my computers firewall. It hasn’t succeeded yet, but I worry because the threat keeps on getting higher according to my firewall notifications. It gives me the IP address but I don’t know what to do with it? And does someone trying to hack my computer make its internet connection slower?

Answer #1

no, their trying not succeeding… whats the IP?

find out here who or what company it belongs to..: http://www.geektools.com/whois.php

once you have the info use the abuse email to report…

but be warned its more than likely proxy so just search the IP and see what you get from that.

Answer #2

Call your isp and see if they can perhaps track down the offender…the best way to stop them is to catch them.

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