What do i do if my computer get frozen?

What do I do if my computer get frozen do I have to wait, because sometimes I have to wait a long time and I get tired of that what do you suggest me to do, any advice is welcome thank you.

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Well, that's a problem you probably want to fix at the root. Try buying more random access memory (RAM) or get AVG free and run a scan. CCleaner also does a wonderous job of erasing random junk bogging down your computer. It is also free, just google it.
Best of luck.

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causes dead hard drives, fried mother boards, and all sorts of hardware failure. If worst comes to worst hold down the power button on the front. Its still rough on the computer, but slightly less than yanking the power cord.

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When that happens I just unplug my computer and reboot you'll lose anything you were working on but it's faster then waiting.

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Its really not a good idea to just up and un-plug your PC.

Try holding the power button for about 6-8 seconds.
the reboot.
If it does this allot you should think about getting mor ram or cleaning your hard disk of the un-used junk

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