What do i do if he wants me back, but i can't go back

So I have a problem. I recently dumped my boyfriend of almost a year. he really wants to get back together. I cant though, because I want to be single right now and my parents wont let us. He still thinks we are in love, he may be, but I've moved on. I have no idea what to tell him when he calls me and tells me he misses me. and h wants us together again. I dont know what to do. Help !!

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I dumped him, because he was getting annoying and really clingy. He never saw it coming though really. He also got really jelous when I would talk to other guys.

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Be strong & just be honest with him. Only a month ago, you were ready to have sex with him...because you "loved" him...

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***I cant though, because I want to be single right now***

...this leads one to believe that you are simply interested in different guy, and wanted to make yourself available. And it shoudn't be that you CAN'T be with him, it should be that you DON'T WANT to be with him.

*** ...I've moved on.***

if you have ''moved on'' like you said, then you shouldn't be taking his phone calls anyway.

***...and my parents wont let us.***

And why are you bringing your parents into this? You don't need to make it look as if they're partially to blame for it. It was YOUR decision to dump him, and your choice is all that should matter... to you and to him.

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Why did you dump him?

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