What Do I Do? I'm So Scared?

My Dad Has Skin Cancer. I’m Scared He Might Die I’m Only 14 He Can’t Die I Love Him 2 Much,, Were Soo Close. He’s Gettin Surgery But What Can I Doo?

Please Pray Please!!!

Answer #1

thank you all. dancebabe you touched me most thnk you girl

Answer #2

just have faith, and remind him that you love because he loves you, remember its hard for him too because he is scaryed of leaveing you.. just dont do anything stupid it ant the answer..xx

Answer #3

Just hold onthere. Have faith in everything and only think of possitive this. I know things migh seem like it’s the end, but I’m sure is not. Just pray and be whit god and also tell him how you feel. it may seem like he dosent but he does and let him know what you want. Don’t give up it’s the key and also be there for your dad and have an amount of time toguether. You and I’m sure your dad will get trough this!! Good Luck!:)

Answer #4

just be there for him and let him know that your gonna be ok even if your not. I know this is going to be hard for you, my grandpa had skin cancer and I will tell you that it is absolutely horriffiy, and honestly all you need to do is keep being supportive and say everything you need to say to him befor hes gone. I know the one thing I regret that I didnt do while my grandpa was still alive was tell him how much I loved him becasue everyone was in the room and I was to embarassed so SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO and stay strong. also stay posative just becasue he has cancer dosnt mean hes going to die. remember. that. good luck. I will pray for you. <3

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