What do I do ? I love him but im so confused?

Well first of all let me just say that this is complicated.and I would like too apologize for my spelling errors ahead of time. But this is very important to me and I need some advice. I met this guy a year and a half ago online. We talked online for about a month then one day his girlfriend brakes up with him and he wants to talk to some one. So he calls me up and we talked on the phone all night and ever seance that night I have loved him deeply. He knows I love him and he clams he loves me too we have never met but I have sent him stuff in the mail and I have seen him in pics and on cam. And once I feel comfortable with my self and lose some weight I plan on picking him up and bringing him to my place to stay over for a month. Then I’m gonna stay at his place for a month and if we truly love each other as much as I feel we do then I might go live with him. But here’s the complicated part where not dating. We date others all though I don’t cause I don’t want any one but him. And he really confuses me with the way he treats me he doesn’t treated me bad but at the same time he all so doesn’t treat me the way I feel I should be treated.like allot of the time he pays more attention to his friends or his video games then he does me.I don’t know maybe its just me but I think if you love some one they should be your every thing unless you have kids then kids come first then your partner. But I don’t know it just bugs me some of the things he does cause they don’t just bug me a little it bugs me allot to where it hurts enough to where I wonder why I love him. I mean I love him to death but some times I don’t know I just think hes trying to push me away. But if he was then I don’t know why he would be he knows I’m the type of person you just give me a reason and you tell me the truth and yea I’m gonna be sad but I’ll live.

Answer #1

first off im gonna tell you like this you dont need to lose weight for a man if he loves you hes gonna love you for who you are also you may wanna get to know this person in person cause think aint always what they seem have him come down and see you now whats the worse that could happen

Answer #2

I wanna lose my weight so that I can feel better about my self and be the best I can be and wanna be and I do plan to get to know him when he comes here for a month he lives 5 hours away so im not just gonna have him come over for a nightly visit plus I have to pick him up cause he doesn’t have a car or his license

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