What do I do after someone drives over 2 me?

I was walkin around outside alone and some dude pulled up and started talkin 2 me He asked me 2 get close so he can tell me somethin I just kept walkin and he eventually left I didnt tell anyone … Should I? I tried ignorin him so I didnt look over So I wouldnt b able 2 giv a great discription are anythin …I don’t know I feel worried.. Is tha normal?

Answer #1

You did the right thing by ignoring him. BE careful! If you give those guys any attention just a peak, he would follow you more. Next time this happens, and your alone “ don’t be” get your cellphone out, and call the POLICE! and if you don’t have credit, just pretend that you are, might scare him off :P.

Answer #2

Walking alone is not a good idea to begin with…Hopefully there isn’t a next time. So hypothetically speaking, if someone was to do that to you again, try to see what they look like without giving any indication that you are interested of any sort..And remember don’t talk to them…

Answer #3

Try not to ever walk alone again. You’re a girl, you could be taken advantage of.

Once, my younger sister was walking home from the bus stop. When a car pulled up and asked her where the gas station was. Then a few minutes later, a police car came and asked if a red car had passed by. It turned out that they were about to commit a crime.

Please, do not ever walk alone, unless it’s a local area with a lot of people. It’s a dangerous world.

Answer #4

u shouldve gotten the licence plate number and reported him to the cops.

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