What do I do??

I posted a question a little over half an hour ago about me catching my boyfriend in bed with my mate:


As it sez on there they have got together now after I dumped them both. But my ex friend is in most my classes at school and we have a seating plan and she sits on my table every day. What can I do except killing her which is what I want to do.

Answer #1

tell a teacher that you cant stand her because of personal reasons or tell them and ask if she can be moved or try to ignore her which is very hard I know… thats all I know =S x

Answer #2

I think you should totally ignore her and act like you don’t care. Then she’ll see that she no longer means anything to you because of what she did.

Answer #3

tell the bit ch to get to steppin . if I were you I would catch the bit ch slippin and just beat the living sh it out of her. but thats just me

Answer #4

Tell him, you’ll need to do that. And I agree with cuff, totally ignore her. That would REALLY get to her.

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