What do girls wear...?

Okay so in sports like hockey and lacrosse guys wear jock straps.

Do girls wear an equivalent to that? If so what is it?

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yeh women wear something similar to a jock I don't know if it's called a jock but its smaller

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It does hurt, it just doesn't hurt our chances of having kids. No, you cannot injure your uterus by being hit between the legs. A girl's reproductive parts are inside, so being hit in the groin doesn't do damage in that way. However, yes it DOES hurt and obviously any part of your body can bruise.

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There is a female version of a cup.
My school's girls hockey team has to wear them.

It hurts for us to get hit down there too.

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In girls lacrosse all they were are protective goggles because contact isn't allowed (dumb bcause lacrosse isn't lacrosse without hitting) but there ya go

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if it does hurt for girls to get hit down there it doesnt hurt niethly as bad as it hurt guys you guys may not be saying that but it souds like you guys no what the most excruciating pain is like

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I dont believe girls wear anything unless very padded bra so nothing hits there breasts because when you get hit there, it kind of hurts but I dont think any girl does that. Unless there kind of creepy haha. But I think just guys wear the equipment so they dont get hurt there. So yeah.

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dont girls want to protect their uterus's though? so they can still have kids?

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if boys wera jock straps for football what do girls wear to protect themselves

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yeahh in hockey I wear shorts that have a pelvic protector or whatever.

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