What do girls think when they see a guy they love/like?

Guyz, do girls really think of having s-e-x when they see a guy they love/like? ^-^

Answer #1

thks guyz im very greatful…;-) and for those who don’t understand let me rephrase it…for example when guyz see an attrative girl, they wise they can get between her legs…so I wondering if girls feelz d same way too…:-D

Answer #2

No, I mean that isn’t real love, it just mean that is phisical atraction. For example if I look at a guy and say I want to have sex with him, I wont be saying I love him, I will be saying I want him. When you love someone you look inside for the pearson that they are.

Answer #3

Hmm yeah I dont really understand what you mean either but..I think yeah,you do want to have sex with a boy when you like/love him:) Its just your hormones

Answer #4

Hey hun. I dont rlllyyy get this question but.. Yes I would probably have sex wit som1 just 2 get ova the person I like/love. It makes me feel better.


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