What do girls look for in a guy ?

What is the real awaser I know about hosty and being your self and haveing vales and all that

Answer #1

welll I have been hurt a lot because the person went behind my back. he cheated on me with my best friend. TWICE! so I look for trustworthiness and honesty. if you dont like a girl enough to be faithful you shouldnt be with anyone. always cheer her on and give her little compliments every so often. be a good listener and pay attention to what she says.

Answer #2

now that im older I realized I want a guy who can take care of me, working is a big thing to. im not no gold digger but if he aint working how are we gonna py the bill? I want a man who can get dirty as in working I dont want no prettty boy whos afraid of getting his hands dirty. you got to be romantic that will make any girl want ya. on your first date bring her flowers and after your together for a while go out of your way for her like a bubble bath or a massage. one important thing is communation be open about how you feel and dont be afraid to cry it just lets us know you really care. and if you get in realtionship with a women with kids, you got to build trust with the child and when the child likes you, we mothers know that your a keeper. good luck dear

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