What do girls like pierced on a guy?

im thinkin bout getting som piercings an I want to no what girls like?

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I think any piercing on a guy is hot as long as he doesnt have
to to much on his face cause that can look tacky.
if your thinking of getting your ear pierced make sure its on the left side
& it looks major hot if you have more than one piercing on the same ear.

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Personally,I like snakebites.
Which is a lipring on either side of your bottom lip.
I also gauging,Spiderbites(two peircings on one side of the bottom lip.),And Septum(also known as the bull peircing)
Anyway,Thats all just my opinion.

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anything really, girls could like none, or any one
tounge is a popular one...also eyebrow, lip, ears, ect
the diamond one the girl was talking about is mostly those ghetto guys who have one ear peirced with a huge diamond stud in it
I think they look rediculouse but its all about person prference!

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Um nothing? lol I mean I could cope with like one ear peirced or maybe even tongue or eyebrow peirced but other than that it would be a turn off. And peircings aren't a turn on for me...

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my fiance has both cartiledge peirced (cant spell) and they look hot and he likes mine (I have my lip and belly button) just lettin you all know. one of my ex's had his lip done and I thought it was hot.

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well, the only thing that I cud think of was ear(not ears). it's kinda weird to me if a guy has 2 pierced ears, like a girl, lol. chin piercings are kinda gross. eyebrows are ok, can be a little sexy

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I am a sucker for a guy with an eyebrow ring.
It is by far the best turn on as far as piercings go.
Also guys with lip rings and when they have nostril piercings on both sides of the nose.

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well a lot of boys have piercings in my middle school in elgin, il they usually have only one ear pierced and if you do get it pierced wear the diamond one...

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I actually know a couple of guys with their ears peirced (both) and it sounds completely ridiculous but I think it looks hot. It suits the guys I know that have it really well!

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what is the diamond one?

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I love piercings on guys especially lip piercings and 5mm or 10mm plugs look cool but I dont like them much bigger. tongue piercings are awesome but I think you would have to find a girl without her tongue pierced, trust me it can get awkwared if you both have it done.

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most guys that I see have their left ear peirced, I don't know why, but it really doesn't matter which one you pierce, I'm not really into piercings, but I can tolerate one or 2. many boys in my school have one or 2 ears pierced and some have like their chin pierced, eww. not their chin exactly, but between their and their mout, like eunder their lip or somethin...

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piercing your (left) ear. lol. and I think snake bites (liprings on both sides of your mouth) look cute. :)

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which ear do dudes have to pierce? what the diamond one?

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Ewww Percings on a guy!!
my boyfriend has his left done and it looks good but any more than that is gross!!!


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Lips or eyebrows peirced.Is always good.

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which ear do ya pierce if your a dude?

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both ears dats too damn sexy :0

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which ear do ya pierce if your a dude?

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snake bites.

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