What do boys like: bracelets or necklaces?

Uhm. Im trying to make sumthing with my friend taylor fur our bouyfriends and we dont know which one we should chosse bracelet or necklaces???

Answer #1

necklace, dont listen to jonathan guys do wear necklaces and jewelry it doesnt mean that your gay

Answer #2

Most guys don’t wear jewelry at all, other than either a watch or a necklace.

Answer #3

johnathan is wrong. It doesn’t make a guy’s gay just because he’s wear jewelry. Lots of guys wear bracelets, necklaces even certain rings - why do you think there’s jewelry for either sex? Just act like your taking some kind of survey and make sure the question “do you ike bracelets or necklaces better” comes up.

Answer #4

Usually gays wear them!

Answer #5

hmm I think necklaces I don’t know how to explain but if you think about it makes sense

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