What did I get bit by?

Something touched my leg when I was outside with my dog, it sting. It left something that looks like welts. it is all red around it it is just a dot in the certain. It is not itchy it is not an ant bite. It is inflamed, sort of protruding my skin is, not the bump. It not excruciating pain, I just a light sting. Im honestly not worried about it, just curious of what bit me. If it is something poisonous please sugar coat your words, or I’ll get the symptoms.

Answer #1

Oh I had that same one over the summer. It stung real bad throughout my leg. It swelled like a quarter, and it was like a sunken whole in the middle. It turned out ot be a spider bite. I never would have thought it was a spider bite, but the doctor said it was.

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