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mmkay soo im fourteen years old, and I’ve been flirting a lot with this junior, alex, on my bus. We’ve hung out twice, but always with people around. Like last nightt…it was me, him, and his bestfriend ryan. alex would hold my hand, and tickle me, and overall be really flirtyy. And on texting he’s always like “I love you” “we’re married now, kay?” classic guy stuff. And I’ve started to reaaallly like him, but heres the thing, I don’t know if im just a game to himm, like freshmeat to flirt witth, so yeahh, what do you people thinkk?

Answer #1

hhmm well he doesnt really love you just likes you kinda. Im not sure if he’s taking you serious. If he is flirty with a lot of girls then most likely he is just playing around with you. But you should spend a little one on one time together see if you can tell if he really likes you by the way he acts. <3 Monii.

Answer #2

he is flirtying and he may like you and is trying to see if you like him back flirt wiht him when he flirts with you when your alone watch him carfuly when he holds your hand see what his eyes have to say want more help comment me

Answer #3

hmm, your in a pickle, I dont think its real love, just a like, so its up to you to decide what you wanna do. Sure , you could keep on flirting but it might not lead to anything major.

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