What could this mean, possibly scared of sex?

Hi to everyone out there, I need help and here is my story :
On the 20th of April, I had protected sex with my boyfriend of two years (3 times in one day) All those three times, they were protected and after using condoms, to be safe I applied water in the condom to be sure there were no holes and there were no holes in all three condoms. My boyfriend did not ejaculate in me and my boyfriend was well aware during the whole time we were having sex because he is cautious about sex. So now, I feel minor menstrual pain but no period (as I am typing right now I feel pain). The last time I got my period was March 28th and today is the 27th of April. I have been stressing a lot and I did take a pregnancy test but my friend stole it without knowing the brand but the test result came out negative. Is there a possible chance I may or not be pregnant? Help in advance.

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I doubt you are. The condom is enough normally, and if he didn't cum in you, chances of pregnancy are even less. Periods aren't always regular, so just be patient and wait for yours to come.

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It's unlikely, but possible. No protection is perfect. Your worry could possibly be part of the reason your period is late.. Breathe deep, think good thoughts, take a pregnancy test or see a doctor so you can make your decisions now. Do not wait. Find out now and get the worry over with. I have happy thoughts for you.

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I have also heard that if you worry about your period that it will also come later. So if you are freaking out about you might being pregnant even tho I doubt you are and you are worrying about your period chances are thats the reason why you are late. So stop worrying about when your period will be cause that willmake it later. plus you took a preg test and it was negative so there ya go.

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The possibiblities are really, really low.
It's only been like a day sience you should have gotten your piriod.
Your stressing a lot, and it looks you have been sience you have had sexbecause you think your pregnet, and stress can also cause your piriod to delayed.
Who knows your piriod might be coming tommorow or the day after, just calm down and everything because your giving more to all this. Your piriod wont always be regular.

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Someone please answer this important question!

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