What could possibly be wrong with my leg?

Ok, I go to the gym almost everyday. About three or four weeks ago, I noticed a pain in my leg, like a sore muscle. I get those a lot so, I continued to work out. Then the day after I got back from a college orientation, I noticed it got kinda worse like a continuous cramp in my leg, but I still continued to work out. I’ve lost so much weight and I’ve done so well on my diet, I don’t want to lose that. Then, like at the middle of last week, I was walking with a limp. and my muscle hurt. My mom thinks it’s a torn muscle or ligament. Now, my leg is a little better, but I cannot walk or function right. I can’t put any weight on my foot. What could I have done? It’s not broken. I can move my toes, but my knee is swollen and I can’t bend it well anymore. Could it be a sprain from my poor walking the days before? I don’t know what to do. I’ve been crying all day out of pain (I don’t like to take pain meds too much) and I can’t go to the doctor, I don’t have health insurance yet. I will friday, but I don’t think they’ll pay for it because of my ‘pre-existing condition’. But I’m going anyway. What do you think could be wrong and what can I do to make it better asap?

Answer #1

Try to stay off of it for a few days, take ibuprofin (Advil) as it will help reduce the inflamation (swelling) and then get to the dr. to have it checked out. Make sure you stretch your muscles good after your workouts… good luck!

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