What could I name my puppie?

Well I would like some suggestions for my dog…he’s male,loves adventures and having fun…he’s brown and very very adorable!?please help

Answer #1

awww…hes sooo cute :) you could name him Rusty, Bishop, King, Toffee, or Bailey,

Answer #2

rocco, niko, elli, chunk, o mally, scout, levi

Answer #3

Awe, how cute. Call him Mocha, Rusty, or Cocoa. :)

Answer #4

this is what my pup looks like

Answer #5

You should name him Kojak. I think its a great brown dog name.

Answer #6

Eli, Toby, Elliot, Junior or Scott(michael for short :P)

Answer #7

Twix? haha thats a cute name.



sorry, im not good with names

Answer #8

How did you acquire the puppy? Does he do anything that makes him stand out. My daughter’s dog had a litter of puppies and they didn’t even know she was pregnant. Their was only one who lived. They call him Barely because he barely made it.

Answer #9

I like these names…cinamon,,,chocolate,,,suger,,,cocoa…just like what steppingout51 said…”it all depends on the personality of the dog” if he is a very sweet dog then name him of somthing sweet like cinamon or suger…if he’s a very loud or hyper dog then name him somthing that sounds hyper or loud…I called my cat ‘Spot’ Spot because he has a tiny spot on his nose and it’s the only one on him…and I called my other cat ‘Jasmine’ Jasmine because she is really white that she looks like a jasmine flower…hope I helped:)

Answer #10

I named mmy dog Locks because she reminds me of Goldy Locks with her golden fur. I agree with weekof. Whatever stands out is the right name.

Answer #11

Just a follow up here, I must give credit to those who deserve it. I got the name from a book called The Stand by Stephen King. There was a golden retriever accompanying one of the main characters in the book. A loyal and intelligent dog named Kojak .

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