what could I do to become a dancer?

I wanna be a dancer, I thought it was just a phase but I’ve wanted to be one for ages now and when I dance it feels like I have to, I’ve had lessons and I suppose im okish, in dance tests etc apparently I use my stanima well etc, but I still am rubbish I think. well anywayy I dont know how I could be like a proper dancer and get noticed, I was thinking of bgt but then it’s embarresing, I doubt id make it and how would I tell my parents I signed up? what could I do to become a dancer and maybe get noticed? soz if it was a bit longgg..

Answer #1

um, no thanks. id rather clear shxt in a zoo and thats saying something, lol.

Answer #2

Just sell drugs

Answer #3

I want tobeome a dancer too!!! Maybey we ould be friends and like share our experiences so we can help eah other!! (not to be pushy or anything) :)

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