What could happen if I put some tea in a plastic cup?

What could happen if I put some tea in a plastic cup?

Answer #1

wee handle :D

nothing it would keep the heat in but because is not keeping the heat in like a china cup it would like hurt for you to hold and you would have to wait ages for it to cool

but yous got a little handle so go for it :)

Answer #2

No it wouldn’t melt but it would be hard to hold it because of the heat, and it wouldn’t taste as good as it does in a china cup, lol.

Answer #3

??? um nothing

Answer #4

ohh, im so gonna make tea in a plastic cup :D (the cup has a wee handle) haha :D


Answer #5

would it melt?

Answer #6

umm nothinig… its cold??

Answer #7

no.. a cup of hot tea into a plastic cup!

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