What could be this slight pink discharge ?

Hi Hey all, I observed light pink blood discharge (very lil kind)on toilet whitepapaer tissue, after I had my sht. What it could be? I feel , I can;t be preggo since I havent had any s** recently and not anytiem before. But yes, my boyfriend did cm on my titis…can thr b a possibility that his cm did enter my vag*a, but I rem I had it sealed I.e. I was covered wid jeans and a panty underneath. And, it was arnd 20 days back. But no s Or thsi pink fluid be just any other infection or any plies sort ? I am xpecting my normal periods in a week or so…kindly suggest…thx people

Answer #1

It could just be a slight tear or scratch or it could be hemorrhoids or fissure - the passage of a hard stool or severe diarrhea may tear the lining tissue of the anus. This problem is similar to having cracked lips in cold weather. Nerve endings and blood vessels are exposed so that pain and bleeding occur with bowel movements

since it was just light I doubt it is anything serious, but if it does continue or if anything hurts I’d check with the doctor.

Answer #2

If you have blood on the toilet tissue/paper after defecating, it could be hemorrhoids.

Answer #3

thx fr your ideas

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