What console should I get??

So I was planning on shoving snow so I can get money and it hard 2 pick wich console 2 pick I was planning on buy a ps3 or a nintendo dsi so which 1 should I get???by the way I got a 360 which is bording me

Answer #1

Why are you comparing portables with home consoles? They got different purposes. Like trying to decide between a motorcycle and a car? The both take you there but they are different.

Answer #2

Just like the TV commercials, THE PS3, IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING!

I have a PS3 connected via HDMI to my 67” big screen TV and my home stereo and see 1080P hd movies and games in 7.1 surround audio.

Is like buying the best blu-ray player ever made for $299 that also plays games. There is no delay when you start a blu-ray movie because the ps3 is so powerful compared to a stand alone player.

I have my PS3 connected to to the web and you can browse the internet. You also get to join the PS3 network, where you can download and play game demos in HD for free, download HD movie trailers for free and you can also rent movies or if you like the game demo you can buy the game and download it to your ps3 and pay via credit card or PSN giftcard.

The ps3 network has and extensive video library of all the latest movies for rent. HD movies are $4.99 to $5.99 and Standard definition are $1.99-$2.99.According to Sony there are more than 2000 movies an TV episodes from TV networks and cable TV most in HD to own or rent

The PS3 firmware is regularly updated by Sony so if some audio codec like a new dolby hd sound is added to movies they will make an update so your PS3 is current with all the latest discoveries for games and movies.

If you have a Netflix account you can stream your Netflix movies directly to the PS3. They have hundreds of movies you can watch over and over without paying extra. Some of the free movies are also in HD.

The PS3 has a photo section where you can keep all your pictures and do a few things with them when you watch them on your TV.

Since I have it connected to my stereo I transferred my music collection to a thumb drive or mp3 player and connect it via USB to the PS3 and I copy all my music to the hard drive of the PS3, so is like having a gigantic MP3 player in my living room, you can make playlist, shuffle see info about your music files etc.

The PS3 hard drive is user upgradable. I bought a 80GB PS3 model and took the 80GB out and installed a 500GB hard drive into my PS3. Takes just like 15 minutes and directions are available and is approved by Sony so your warranty will not be affected.

You can also link your PC to your PS3 via a wireless network like a media server and see the contents of your PC harddrive and play media content that is in your PC deskstop or laptop like movies, pictures or music.

Everytime I keep finding new things that you can do with this amazing machine.

Answer #3

get a ps3. nintendo dsi’s are pretty cool, but you cant play the good games on there. and with a ps3, you can also play ps2 games, cant you? I forget if you can or cannot.

Answer #4

wii’s are goofy. you swing your arms like a monkey to play games with retarded looking characters and bad graphics. with a ps3, you have to take into account that you need a good tv. you can play blu ray discs on it, so it serves double duty. It does play ps2 and ps1 games, but only to a certain extent; it doesn’t play every game. Perhaps you could sell the 360 and get both the PS3 and the DSi. Its up to you though.

Answer #5

DSI, it has a camera

Answer #6

get a uber PC like mine

Answer #7

no get a wii!!!lol..lol

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