What color highlight should I get if I have light brown hair

It continues what color highlight should I get if I have light brown hair with some natural blonde highlights

Answer #1


I am naturally blonde but went dark for 5 years. I tried all different kinds of lightening systems and colour removers but had no joy. I am afraid good old fashioned bleach is the best option. Use it sparingly and try only highlighting the top layer, the sides and the very bottom at first. This means you can still wear your hair up but not have to abuse your whole head of hair. Too much will leave your hair really dry and unmanageable and you may regret it. Also, try using Panten Smooth & Sleek. I’ve just discovered it after spending a small fortune on over ‘resue’ remedies which were no use at all. Panten actually works and it smells great.

Good luck x

Answer #2

Um , Get PROFESSIONAL blonde highlights .

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