What causes warts in children?

My 2 year old son has a wart on his nose it just seemed to appear one day anyone know wot causes them and how I can get rid of it?

Answer #1

My son has a hermangioma on his face- I know what you mean about it just ‘being there’. Facial abnormalities bother Mommies more than babies. :) Glad it doesn’t bother him. :)

Answer #2

It’s a virus- you can use that wart-remover, but I would CERTAINLY recommend talking to his pediatrician about it before you do a single thing to it.

I used to get them on my hands (and had one just over my lip) when I was about 4- they used to freeze them off. It hurts for a few seconds (about the same time as a shot) but they don’t come back after.

Answer #3

thanks im going to ring up and get an appointment to get it looked at, I just didnt know if they would do anything about it with him only bein young its not really noticable to others just now but it doesnt look nice on his face bless him its not botherin him so thats good.

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