What,,, can you std's from fingering yerr self?

Just woundering bc I finger myself sometimes. And I just wanna make sure that I wont get some infection or something

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No, you shouldn't have any issues with using your fingers.

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You won't. Though you're coming to the age and if you visit your gynecologist you should ask them more about STI's and other infections as well as overall vaginal health. If not then maybe you should try talking to your mom about it?
(If she's a little open minded though)

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You can't give yourself an STD you don't already have.
If you scratchyour self though, you can get an ordinary infection. Just make sure that your hands and any toys are clean.

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it only haooend if you have sex

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I dont think you can.it can only happen if you have sex.

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as long as your fingers are clean, you should be too?

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