Can you pull out a tampon if its not soaked yet?

K well I put in a tampon (1st time) its not in far enough and it hurts me:(… can I pull it out even tho its prob not that soaked? how bad will it hurt and can I put in another one after itt???

Answer #1

It’s really uncomfortable pulling it out when it’s no ‘soaked’ but you can do it, I did it and it felt like I was ripping my vagina out. It doesn’t really hurt bad just feels weird. You can put another one in, I suggest Tampax Sports, they go in really good.

Answer #2

you can pull out a tampon whenever you feel necessary! and if its hurting you its because you arent pushing it far enough up, when its up far enough you shouldnt be able to feel it when you walk. if you are having trouble doing so, try using an applicator :)

Answer #3

try and put it in if not pull it out and put a pad on

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