What-Can sucking helium affect you?

So yesterday. I was with my sister & she had two wrinkly, birthday balloons that are about two weeks old..& I sucked it up fast, about two of them..can it harm me at all? I got a slight..ten min headache after but nothing has harmed me ever since..can I get harmed for sucking helium..can sucking helium ever harm you??

Answer #1

yea, like the other person said, it is rare to get affected. Helium is not lethal in any way, however, when you inhale it, it is taking the place of your oxygen. Your body feels like it is getting oxygen since you are still inhaling and exhaling, but if you keep inhaling the helium without inhaling actual air/oxygen, you could at least faint or pass out.

Answer #2

I googled it. It says it can be dangerous if you suck it out of a helium tank. because you only sucked two balloons you should be fine. a ten year old in new jersey sucked 12 fresh balloons and only passed out. Its extremely uncommon to die from helium inhalation. unless its a commercial balloon.

Answer #3

Thankies ! :D

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