What can I use to make a natural conditioner?

What can I use to make a natural conditioner that will make my hair grow faster and get thicker? I had dreads for about two months, but they were sectioned wrong so I brushed them out a few months ago. I miss them so much. :( my hair lost 2/3rds of its thickness. It’s long still, but I want it longer. :)
Help me get thicker longer hair! Thanks!

Answer #1

To make your hair longer eat peanut butter it will stimulate your hair follicles. Also if you want it smoother orif you have dry or dead ends cut the dead ends off it will make it easier for your hair to grow. Some home remedies for healthy hair are eggs actually put them in your hair it feels grose but it works. Also you can soak your hair in olive oil. If you can you can also buy oils for your hair in stores you heat them then put them in for 20 min’s. I bought a cholesterol cream and put it in over night it saved my hair.

Answer #2

You not just thought about extensions?? Then you can have it as thick and as long as you wish lol

Answer #3

I’d like it to be my natural hair, thank you.

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