What can I name my book !!?

My book for my art project needs a title and I really cant think at all what I can name it, any ideas !?

Answer #1

Need. Want. Struggle. Lost Love Lost Hope Hands? Lol craptastic.

Answer #2

Sorry, it missed out the bit where I said, this art project is to make a book cover title, not what its about or anyhting, and its just an image of a womans hands tied up and a babys hands reaching towards it as if the baby is reaching for its mother, I just need a good title for the horror. :)

Answer #3

You should call it…

Art Project.

Answer #4

towards it you mean her tied up hands right?

Answer #5

uhm. Call it ‘Tied’

Answer #6

what is the book about?

Answer #7

can you give a little detail on what it’s about??

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