What can I do with eye makeup to look sexy?

I am tired of my daily routine. What are new fun ways to look sexier and maybe more playful?

Answer #1

This is how I apply my make-up: Apply the right shade of Loreal liquid foundation all over your face and some on the neck to blend Use Loreal powder over the liquid, all over, until it is even (make sure to get powder all over your eye lashes to make them thicker when you apply your mascarra) To apply the blush, suck in your cheeks and smile. Smooth it on the apples of your cheek and then a little darker up your cheek bones. Lick your finger tip and get foundation off eye brows then use a brow pencil to shade in brows slightly Eye Shadow: (I like the smokey look) I use Almay with the 3 colors in one, you can use just 2 colors also… -use the medium colored one on the lids -then apply the darkest shade by swiping your finger tip through it, you wanna put the dark shadow in the crack of your lid (like where when you open your eye its not there, close it a little and you can see that lid crease line) only go from your pupil out. You wanna smudge it. -Then use the lightest, if you have a 3rd shade, and apply it under your eye brow to make your eyes pop out. Line bottom lid and then line the top of your lid however you prefer after seeing the eyeshadow applied *Now your ready to put on your mascarra.. I prefer the yellow tube of Maybelline’s colossal volume express, it is the best and it really helps to seperate your lashes and make them longer naturally, I think.. -if your mascara clumps up your lashes then use a saftey pin or use a paper pin and unfold it (it really does help to pull apart the lashes when too much mascara is applied or if you just cant get that fan look from your lashes like you would want, as CREEPY as that sounds it really does work)

That’s all :D So let me know if you like it if you try it

Answer #2

Hey Girl, Here are the steps needed to apply sexy eye makeup.

  1. Prepare the eyebrows by shaping them and then curl your eyelashes.
  2. Apply eye makeup base all over your lids. Let it set.
  3. Apply your desired eye shadow colors in the techniques that are right for your eye shape and that fit your desired look.
  4. Apply your eyeliner of choice. Use techniques that suit your desired look.
  5. Apply powdered eyeshadow over the eyeliner with a liner brush in the same shade. This helps the color stay on and will prevent it from fading.
  6. Dust a light amount of pressed powder over your upper lid. Let it set. Be careful not to get any on your lashes.
  7. Curl lashes one more time and apply 1-2 coats of mascara. *If you follow those steps, you will have perfect, sexy eye makeup every time.

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

Answer #3

I am a17 year old male and I think you are pretty as is

Answer #4

What you can do with your eye makeup is you can put on a black eyeshadow and then you can put on a gray or brown on top of that or even a blue or a purple. Kind of like a smokey eye which is what I do. Then you can put on eyeliner on your bottom lashes with a pencil eyeliner. I do it all the time and it looks great.

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