What can i do with/about my child?

My daughter is 15 years old, and quite frankly she is disgusting. When I go in to tidy her bedroom while she is at school I find that she has left food to go mouldy in there. I have asked her why but she won't give me an answer. I have found this stuff on countless occasions. She also leaves dirty laundry around, (and I don't mean normal dirty clothes I mean "monthly" dirty clothes) it may be disgusting to hear. But I just don't know what to do with her anymore. She has had problems like this in the past where she has left even worse things in her bedroom. What should I do with her? I am thinking of taking her to the doctors, but she is 15, I can't really force her to do anything anymore.
What shall I do? Please help.

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God leave it be! its her room for christs sake! She'll have the same problem when she gets her own apartment eventually she will learn that she must clean her room but give her time you can't force her to learn this she must figure it out and clean it on her own.

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Make her clean her own room and do her own laundry. I was doing both of those by the time I was 10, and helped my mom before that. I wouldn't let anything get like that bc I didn't want to have to clean anything like that up. Make her clean it herself.

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y are you cleaning her room and she is 15?
but I am 14 turning 15 and what my mom does is make me clean my room I mean she is in the room with me not helping and watching me clean it so why dont you try that
oh and just because she is 15 that does not mean that you cant tell her what to do you are her mother and you will be able to tell her what to do until you die

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Just don`t let her eat in her room

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Have a talk with her and ask her to break out of her dirty habit

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