What can I do when someone is bothering me?

There is this gir at my school and she is really getting on my nerves! She is not letting me talk to any my other friends! What can I do??? HELP!!!

Answer #1

well you should ignore them girl you are not going through this problem alone actually I am going through the same thing to I know it hard but you will have to go through it sometimes that just life but you should know that this world is not perfect you will always find people judging you for who you are . but ignore themm because you should love for yourself for the person you are.

Answer #2

Tell her to do one! Their your friends, but they should be telling this other girl to let you in as well.

Answer #3

I would say tell her to back the hell off and if she doesnt fight her… dont show people your scared or nerves they are around because then they will just take that to their advantage and even if people get you no where it kinda helps because it shows them your not annoyed by them anymore… or just ingore her.. she will get bored sooner or later :)

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