What can I do to stop my pain?

at home we have many problems and I dont usually like to talk about it with people that I don’t know quite well but today I feel really angry and sad. my family is so brokenup, we have no water and my parents owe so many people. I don’t know what to do but it all comes on me. I have a boyfreind but he helps me for nothing. my sister are also disappointed that they end up arguing for small things. my dad has another women but no one can stop him form going there! hey please help me and give me adivce about what I should do! I work and try to help my mom pay her bills. I am 17yrs by the way, female. sometimes I feel horrible but I don’t show it caz I am always smiling and advicing people like if I had nothing as a problem. I know that God is helping me but I need to put of my part! please you guys just make me take a step. help me , advice me and let me understand.

Answer #1

Oh sorry to hear that does the 16 year old have a job

Answer #2

Your family is just very stressed out, they have a lot to deal with right now. Obviously none of your family members seems to be putting effort into trying to fix this situation that your family is in. Your boyfriend doesn’t sound like the most charming guy ever, if he doesn’t want to help you then how good of a boy friend his he? Might as well break up with him. Your sisters argue with small things because of all the things that stress them out, stress builds on itself. They see one small thing and that can cause them to explode. So much stress is accumulated on your family and it seems to me that the only way to relieve it is by taking it out on you. Try your best to live through it, there isn’t much you can do for your family if they’re not going to put effort into changing themselves. I would tell you too keep trying to fight and fix your family but it doesn’t seem like that would be much help judging by the circumstances. Keep your head up high, this is something a family has to work out as a whole, if you can get them to fix themselves then overall your family can start improving itself as whole. Other than that there really isn’t much you can do for them. I’m very sorry you have to live like this, no one deserves this.

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well my 16 yr old sis is not working. I am paying her school. I know my mom should leave him but we have not where to go. as I told you other family members don’t care

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you dont always have to be the brave one putting on a smilee all the time lett your anger out then get your life and family organsied slowly so it doesnt cause as much stress . sometimes you have to hurt people now to make the future better for everyone including yourself , such as your dad has your mom thought about leaving him or does she still love him after seeing another woman . but another thing such as money issues I would suggest you move into a MUCH cheaper place the cheapest one you could find and use the sold money to help pay debts off and just try to take on money issues slowly so your mind doesnt get crowded .

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hi well yes you did help me in someway. hey sometimes I have no one to talk to and seriously if I do have someone then they dont really care. like the other day I was talking to my couzin and then I told her about how I feel then she just said that she has heard enough. that shows me that the family itself dont care for each other. sometimes at home we have nothing to eat. I am the only one working and trying to keep them happy but you know how things go when there is a lot of problems. so what kind of family life you have or share with your family? then when I go out with some friends just to distract my mind, they start to say that I like the street. I know who am and they jsut talk a lot. gosh. since adam and eve this suffering started

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it’s really hard to depend on something that is broken.. but you can do it, you can be the person who encourages your family. it’s hard to be the one who does it, but family is supposed to stick together, through thick and thin. if you need someone to lean on, you can go to your friends.. and I’m truly sorry.. but you’re a strong girl, and you will get through it. just be strong, and you’ll be fine, I promise

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My biggest sister is 19, my other sister is 16 and the smallest is 12 oh and my lil brother is 14. 16,12 and 14 are going to school at the moment. my sis stays home and help my mom. my mom is sick too

Answer #8

My family life is okay I am pretty close But when they had money problems I did what you did And gave money where it was needed And friends helped me through it And if you need someone to listen I am Here and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible So how old are your sisters ?

Answer #9

Have you tried talking to your sister about the problems and ask her to try not to argue with them and maybe ask other family members for help with money and what not.
Sorry you are upset and I hope I helped
get back to me please If you want to talk

Answer #10

well maybe you can seek help from close friends of the family I am sure they will be glad to help

Answer #11

well you could deal with it.or go to the doctor to get some reall help

Answer #12

acdc highway to hell thats how I got over my dog dieing

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