What can i do to prevent getting bruised from dry humping?

Hi, my boyfriend and I have both decided to wait 'til marriage to have sex. However, we've resorted to dry humping, and it feels fine during, but afterwards I always get sore. What are some things I can do to prevent getting sore while still managing to make it feel good for the both of us?

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Don't listen to stefan, timshel, I've been with my fiance for two and a half years and we please one another without ever having sex. Been sleeping in the same bed the entire time, every night. People like stefan say you'll never make it because they were weak themselves at your age, and could not have done it. It sounds like you and your boyfriend are making the right choices - just keep in mind that he's probably masturbating on a regular basis, and no matter what he says, dry-humping doesn't PLEASE him like masturbation does, and in his mind, like sex could. I'm just letting you know, while it may seem enough for you, he will probably try and pressure you to do more, or go looking somewhere else. If he does, let him leave, but don't give in just because he threatens to leave. Keep him happy, but don't forfeit your virginity to do so. Nobody's stopping you from getting some lube and giving him a nice handjob if he gets too pushy, though. Good luck.

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Condoms + Lube = Not dry humping lol
Go with toadaly's advice.. try wearing pajama bottoms or something along those lines.. thin materials. :)

How can I prevent bruising from dry humping?
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Well, if you're going with the Biblical sense it's not seeing as we're both succumbing to feelings of lust. However, it's a lot safer than having protected sex.

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right off the bat young lady... I can tell you waiting is the right thing to do. but now let me smack you with the other side of the bat... you WILL NOT LAST! IF you DRY HUMP you WILL END UP GOING ALL THE WAY! humans are weak. lust will take full controll of u. its either nothing or full out sex. its just how it will work. waiting is best option. if you keep on with the dry humping I give you 2 weeks max before you go all the way. I know the other people will agree. lust is a evil thing.

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How is dry humping less immoral than having sex with a condom? Anyway, try putting a silky material between you to reduce friction.

How can I make my girlfriend feel as good as I do while dry humping?
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condoms + lube

Will dry humping hurt him?

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