What can I do to not sound nasally when I talk or sing?

I feel like when I talk I sound so like blah!! It’s hard to explain because you guys can not hear me. My aunt told me that I could pour hot water with salt in it through one nostril and come out the other and my nose will be cleased… Haha :) Do you think this will work? Plus she told it will burn a little :(

Answer #1

the thing your aunt asked you to do is kind of scary (I mean, I dont want water in my nose when I swim, how much more water with salt LOL)

you can try and practice talking/singing using your diaphragm. maybe you can check out vids of how to sing with your diaphragm (there are a lot. here’s a sample: http://www.ehow.com/video_2385244_sing-diaphragm.html)

Answer #2

I believe your aunt might want to drown you.. See a doctor he will give you something to clear you out.

Answer #3

haha. my aunt is a real health nut kind of. thanxx

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