What can I do to feel "pretty or cute" all the time?

First, my hair is ugly curly so I straighten it , which looks OK but I dont wear makeup, just lipgloss and I find girls with makeup are prettier?! I get a million pimples once I get rid of mine and I never feel pretty!! How can I change my look?!

Answer #1

I havent asked my mom if I can wear makeup… Every time im going to, I chicken out

Answer #2

Get a little beauty regime started to help you get to know your skin. Cleanse moisturize and all that girly stuff and maybe get your eyebrows threaded if they need it. Smiling makes people attractive so be happy. :-)

By the way…mums love this stuff, get her involved.

Answer #3

you dont have to wear make-up to feel prettier it helps but the question is why would you wont wear make up? sometimes just a little bit of blush a soft pink listick and a lipgloss on top would make your lips draw more attention to them as they’ll look fuller and finally mascara that is a soft look sooo easy to do and pretty too

and I think curly hair is pretty I wish I had curly hair try to put some mousse and curl it up nice everyone will notice the difference :) hope I helped!!!

Answer #4

No one feels pretty or cute all the time. Those who think they are pretty and cute all the time are usually quite conceited. The above advice is good, remember that too much make up is aging and not in a good way.

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