What can I do now that im 18 ?

Know that im 18 I want to know cool things to do they say 18 is a fun age and im at the best years of my life

Answer #1

Well, you can buy lotto tickets and die fighting in a war. Congratulations, and welcome to adulthood.

Answer #2

in five years you will look back and laugh at 18. You don’t really get much more “freedom.” You can’t even get a credit card anymore. However, you could buy a lotto ticket, buy a pack of cigarettes, vote, and join the army. Be careful because your frontal lobe hasn’t finished developing and that part of your brain is in charge of thinking ahead and planning (why do you think they recruit young men fresh out of high school to join the army?). good luck!

Answer #3

you can watch porn… LEGALLY!

Answer #4

Thanks people 4da answer ;^)…

Answer #5

P A are T Y

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