What can i do if i don't know how to kiss?

me and this guy are really close and he is so sweet! we hold hands and kiss on the cheek and talk about everything we are about to do with each other and the other day we were talking about about kissing...no cheek! and I really want to but its just I dont know how! he is really special to me and I love hanging out with him and I really want to kiss him but im kinda freaking out! a lot! lol im so nervous...what should I do?

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Kissing isnt something you can learn, when you find the right person that makes you happy it will come naturally. If your still nervous, then just tell him you dont know how or dont want to mess up, and then he will be able to guide you through it little by little. I hope this helped :)

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it doesnt matter if you no how its just actually kissing that matters the most

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get your act together and just kiss him! im sure he'll like you taking the control :)

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