What can I do if my 2 BFF's are in a fight?

My 2 BFF’s are in a fight where they may never be friends again! I don’t know what to do the one is like being really mean to the other and the other is just going along with it! They are saying like “ I’m sorry for you Rachel, you’re going to have a bad day if Serena is here!” Then they are making fun over eachother, and pulling me away from the other person. I don’t want to chose sides but I don’t want to force them to be friends! I just want them to be able to let me hang out with both of them!

Answer #1

Speak to both of them separately and tell them that they better sort it out and that you don’t want to be in the middle of it because it isn’t fair to you to have to choose.

Answer #2

you can say you won’t hang out with them until they are friends and only hang out with one at a time peace because

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