What can I do at 2 in the morning?

Im freaking bored!

Answer #1

dance, sing, call someone, text someone, watch t.v. :)

Answer #2

go to http://www.gaiaonline.com/ it’s extremely awesome and addicting once you figure out what you’re doing!! ^_^ know what, I’m bout to get on myself :)

Answer #3

Me,seing I LOVE taking pictures randomly as you can see from my main,take some random pix of yourself and try to make yourself laugh,I laughed at myself when I posted my current.

Answer #4

when I’m bored at night and can hardly sleep, I usually repair the clothes I have with missin buttons, and fill ‘em out again with new and better ones… :-)

Answer #5


Answer #6

listen to your ipod, watch some tele/dvd, play a game of some sort .

there’s lots to do .

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