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What can I do about workplace bullying?

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So I done my trial at McDonalds and luckily enough, I got the job. The person that was training me on my trial didn't really help at all and then on the next again day I got told she was talking about me and saying I didn't even want to work and that I was lazy and was a b*tch but I'm not. I was on my feet for the whole trial, too.

I tried my very best. It was really confusing cause' the tills are very confusing to work and I didn't know we had to shout the the non-chicken products and it's not like I'm going to know everything about the job straight away! She didn't help at all. I asked her but all she done was complain about her getting 'flung into the deep end' because it was her first day back from a 6 week break. She was rascist about a coloured girl in the restraunt and a couple of people laughed. I don't tolerate rascism and I tolerate getting talked about behind my back.

She is the floor manager+she is training staff. I properly start tomorrow but I don't want this to carry on.

What do I do? I'm scared that if I tell the manager - things will get even worse and maybe she'll think I just like to complain and since I'm only just about to start and she might just fire me. I dont know D: Should I just ignore her? Would that be best?