What can i do about this guy i like?

I like this guy hes has a girlfriend he waqs over to my house for movies one night wit his friends we are all friends and yea I already new he liked me and all but he loves his girlfriend he told me that he wanted to kiss me but that would wreak his realationship wit her and yea do I have any chance at all does him whating to kiss me mean he really likes me?

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um I would say that he does lovehis girlfriend and hes pretty faithful sinse he didnt kiss u.
umm but like if for some reason he did break up with his girlfriend then he mght chose you but you never know, keep an open mind

ANSWER #2 of 2

I think he likes you because if he wanted to kiss you he probably likes you but he LOVES his girlfriend so for now I would back off. (sorry if it was mean)

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