what can I do about my cat ?

My cat is horrible >< she bites me , she scratches me , she scratches up our furniture , she won’t sit still for more than 3 seconds , we’ve tried spraying her with water , I’ve tried putting her in our garage , but she meows so loudly I have to let her in , how can I teach her to behave ?

Answer #1

You should have her spayed. It might help some.

Answer #2

mayeb she isnt domestic enough. some cats are bred randomly and their species makes them more wild. really I have a cat that is siamese-main coon mix and that kinda mix is wild no matter what you do. so if ichibanarky’s help doesn’t work I think you’re at a loss sorry :P

Answer #3

I have 3 Siamese/Main Coon mixes, and they’re all big babies…but it also depends on how they’re bred as kittens.

Mine were bred in my home, and because of that, they were raised being held and snuggled a lot.

A kitten who is treated with affection has a better chance of being affectionate.

Answer #4

cats dont behave if you wanted an animal you should get a dog

and spaying a cat with water is mean

cats have attitude get use to it or get rid of it

Answer #5

How old is she?

I have several cats (11 currently and dozens more in my lifetime). If there’s one thing I learned from cats, it’s that cats think they rule the house - that obviously needs to change.

Does she have a scratching post? Cats need to be able to scratch, and if they don’t have something they can use, they’ll use anything they can find (like the furniture). It’s normal for her to be hyper - cats sleep a lot, and they play hard, so don’t expect her to just sit for very long. As for biting - well, either she’s feeling cornered, or she’s playing. Female cats, in general, are not as affectionate as male cats and tend to be a little more aggressive. If she’s biting you out of anger, it’s best to just let her be and let her come to you when she’s ready.

Answer #6

Like ichi said, they need scratching posts. Get her some toys to play with. Mine likes running and chasing after balls. She also has a little bear that’s her baby and she carries it around every where. I usually collect all her toys and put them in a basket that she has access to, so she can grab them out of there and play with them whenever she likes. The only thing that really worked with her was locking her up for a bit immediately after she did something she wasnt supposed to be (e.g. jumping on the kitchen table/counter), running outside without a leash, etc etc. Of course she’s going to cry. But if you let her out, it just teaches her that she just has to cry in order to be let out. I wouldnt let her out until she stopped crying (or at least gave crying a rest for a few seconds). I’ve sort of got her to sit by feeding her treats, but she’s a cat, so it’s not easy to teach them stuff like that. When exactly does she scratch you or bite you? You have to be very careful around cats, when they’re annoyed you really want to leave them alone. You just need to learn to be able to see how they’re reacting and you’ll avoid getting scratched. If she’s play biting (my cat used to do this when she was younger), I’d bump her on the nose (and I dont mean smack, I mean a light tap) and say ow. And then refuse to play with her until she stopped. She learnt what ow meant very quickly.

Answer #7

I am not sure about all cats but I am pretty sure they can all be lived with happily if you can find out how. I had Siamese for 18 years, I got her when I was 3. For the longest time she was a very good cat but when I was like 8 she was like 5 and seemed to gain a HUGE attitude. She would spaz and bit and hide. And if you tried to hold her she would freak out like you would not believe. It took us like 6 months of the cat from hell to realize she was only happy in the bathroom. We never learned why but she pretty much lived there, of her own accord, very happily. She purred and was cuddly…which can making going bathroom hard but hey she was happy. Only thing was if you went into the bathroom and did not pet her next time you went in she told you off. Some cats do not like to play, some do not like to be bothered. You just have to learn how to live with that cat. I have 2 more cats and one will try to kill you if you ignore her and will fall over purring if you pet her and another that will try to kill you if you pet her but every now and then will turn into a cuddle bug and want lots of love.

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