What can I 'decorate' my tattoo with?

Couldn’t really think of a better word other than decorate lol. I’m getting a small tattoo of the numbers 7:7 . Its a phrase in the bible: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I’m not actually christian, I just think the bible is an interesting book. Not only does this phrase mean a lot to me, the number 7 is very important too. Its my lucky number, I chose it for everything. I was born on the 7th of the 7th, weighed 7’’7 and was born at 7:07 in room 77.

I wanted to ask your guys opinions on what I could put the 7:7 in. or like, how I could ‘do’ it if you get what I mean?

its not going to be big. I just want it simple and small and not noticeable.

thanks :)

Answer #1

make the 7:7 look like a digital clock! haha that’d be mad!

Answer #2

I would go with small symbol/symbols around it maybe a few stars and a cresent moon if your into that

Answer #3

wow thats like the number 23. LOL

you may put

‘your fave word’ ‘your name’ ‘your fave symbol’ and then below it is 7:7

Answer #4

wow 7 really should b your fav number lol

mmm well I just got one but mine has 3 letters my son’s initial, my moms and husband and I wanted something like you small but with something else than the 3 letters and I went and got a symbol that represents 3 unions and represents the purity and strength of women and I also got 1 word on top each letter in Arabic meaning what each initial meant for me and it all revolves around a circle I mean it was a bit bigger than I wanted but it came out beautiful and I did it on my back in between my lungs so if I want I could cover it with anything even my hair… just go to the tattoo shop and ask the artist what you want they are sooo creative

P.s they usually recommend to go a bit bigger on a tattoo

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