What can i buy over the counter for yeast infection?

I have a itchy feeling after I pea do I have a yeast infection and what can I buy over the counter

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You could also go to the pharmacy and get Monistat - it's made specifically for yeast infections, one application a day for 5 days (and I do recommend the 5 day over the three)...done.

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You might have a yeast infection, in which case you can use non-flavored yogurt to help the situation. Let as much air get to your private area as possible because yeast thrives in moisture. While you're sitting in your room, don't even wear underwear (if possible). Eat as much yogurt as you can, and also consider applying something directly to the area. The bacteria in the yogurt helps get rid of the yeast. Good luck :)

Do I Have A Yeast Infection??

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