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What..can comeone help me with my chemistry?

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Please help me with these problems, I have no clue how to do I google it and some one had a similar question and I didn't understand what he was talking about, so um help please

11. Determine the frequency of light whose wavelength is 4.357 x 10^ -7 cm.

12. Determine the energy in joules of a photon whose frequency is 3.55 x 10^ 17 hz. long would it take a radio wave whose frequency is 7.25 x 10^5 hz to travel from mars to earth if the distance between the two planets is approximately 8.00 x 10^7 km?

14. Using the equations e=hv and c =λv, derive an equation expressing e in terms of h, c, and λ.

15. Cobalt is an artificial radioisotope that is produced in a nuclear ray source in the treatment of certain types of cancer. If the wavelength of the gamma radiation from a cobalt -60 source is 100 x 10^ -3 nm, calculate the energy of a photon of this radiation.

Know its a lot but I really don't have a clue to do this and thank you so much to whomever answers it correctly.